Actress Halle Berry Wants To Move To France To Escape Paparazzi

Halle Berry now wants to move to France like never before, because that’s where you have to go to escape the paparazzi, and at least they don’t show up at her daughter’s school snapping pictures like they did in Beverly Hills.

She was picking up 4-year-old Nahla from her Beverly Hills school when one photographer got a little too close for Halle Berry’s liking.

The photographer caught the images of the Berry yelling and pointing at him, which of course were later placed on the internet.

“I’m doing something honorable. I’m not harassing people,” Berry reportedly yelled to the photographer.

Not caring much for Halle and her daughter’s privacy or the fact that he was yelled at, RadarOnline sites a witness source as quoting the man by saying back to her, “F— off … you make millions and I have a right to make money too.”

She then told the man, “Why don’t you do an honest job and stop harassing me and my daughter?!” Afterwards, there was an exchange of explicative words between the two with her walking away and leaving the school with her daughter.

Police had been called to the school because of the incident, and they told the remaining paparazzi members to leave immediately. There was no physical altercation between Berry and the unidentified photographer.

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