Harlem Shake Fire Video From Germany

Just when you think the “Harlem Shake” craze is over, another video goes viral as one of the shaker’s fall into a huge fire pit.

The German man, who has not been identified, lost his footing as he and three other people were performing their version of the dance craze.

It appears as though the man was approximately 5 feet in front of the huge fire pit prior to the shaking. It wasn’t long after the music began that his entire body was emerged in the fire.

This Harlem Shake video included two adult men, one female child and male child. Luckily, the other adult was fast on his feet and pulled the man out.

According to reports, the man suffered only a few blisters from the fall into the fire.

Apparently, “Harlem Shake” mania is just beginning in Germany.

Check out the Harlem Shake fire dance.

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