Harry Potter’s Parents 30th Anniversary Death

Harry Potter’s Parents Death – Harry Potter fans filled Twitter on Monday with notes marking the 30th anniversary of his parents’ James and Lily’s death at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Some fan sites planned a moment of Twitter silence at 3 p.m GMT to commemorate the death of the fictional characters, from J.K. Rowling’s wizard book series, which became the highest-grossing franchise of all time for Warner Bros. after being adapted for the big screen. Daniel Radcliffe starred as boy character in the movies, and his parents were played by Adrian Rawlins and Geraldine Somerville.

One fan wanted to make sure all others knew of the anniversary. “HogwartsChamp Pimms ;),” tweeted. “Thirty years ago today Lily and James sacrificed their lives so that their son, Harry, could live. RIP James and Lily Potter. REMEMBER: We are having a twitter silence at 3pm GMT for Lily and James. Do not forget! RIP James and Lily Potter.”

In the novels, he is the only child of James and Lily, orphaned as an infant. Rowling made him an orphan from the early drafts of her first book. She felt an orphan would be the most interesting character to write about. However, after her mother’s death, Rowling wrote that he was a child longing to see his dead parents again, incorporating her own anguish into him.

Harry’s aunt and uncle kept the truth about his parents’ deaths from the boy, telling him that they had died in a car crash.

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