Hayden Panettiere Makes Fun Of Streaker

Hayden Panettiere Streaker – Hayden Panettiere had quite the shock Sunday night when she took the stage to present at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards.

A male streaker interupted the actress as she was about to hand out the award for Best Song at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland.

“Hello, apparently the only way out is back that way? So um, enough about me, you were in that show Heroes, yeah?” the streaker said, praising Hayden and explaining that he was a big fan.

“Thank you… You should come grab a pint with us after,” Hayden responded.

“I would love that. Um, I don’t have my phone on me though,” the streaker said. “You know what: I’ll just leave you to it and I’ll see you at the after show.”

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