Heather Donahue From ‘Blair Witch’ Enters Marijuana Business

Heather Donahue Blair Witch – Heather Donahue, who played a role in the 1999 “Blair Witch Project,” has ditched acting to pursue a new career on growing marijuana. It’s an odd career, but she hopes to profit from it in her new memoir. No word on what will happen if the federal government continues their crackdown on pot growing in the country.

Donahue is about to release “GrowGirl: How My Life After ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Went to Pot” on Jan. 5. The new entrepreneur explains her decision to quit Hollywood in favor of farming on her website.

“I wanted to change my life, see what else was out there for me, what else I might become,” Heather says. “So I burned most of the stuff from my life in LA (resumes, headshots, lingerie, lint) in the desert.”

Donahue received her first prescription for medical marijuana in 2007 to treat PMS, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She decided to grow it herself, for medical use, for a year in “Nuggettown,” a Northern California community known for growing the green stuff.

“I had no idea what to do next, and growing pot was what presented itself,” Heather says on her website. “I felt better about putting medical marijuana in the world than I did about about making another terrible movie.”

Donahue soon changed everything after a fellow grower got busted, so she left her business behind in order to write “GrowGirl.”

As to whether or not Heather thinks pot should be legalized, she thinks medicinal marijuana is here to stay, but she would hate to see big business eradicate local growing communities.

“‘Cannabusiness’ has been a place that some people have been able to turn to in this tough economy,” she writes. “I’d hate for legalization to take that away. I’d hate to see corporations suck up large swaths of land and leave the mom-and-pop small time growers who have built this business no option but sharecropping” Donahue said.

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