Heather Morris Leaked Photos

Heather Morris is the latest target by hackers after several leaked photos were found on the Internet last week. The ‘Glee’ actress was posing nude for her own cell phone. Is she a victim, or are some of these photos an actual publicity stunt among celebrities?

First, it was Christina Hendricks of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ then it was ‘The Daily Show’s,’ Olivia Munn who had racey photos of themselves from what was said to be hacked from their phones leaked to the web, but now it’s Heather Morris.

The new photos shows the actress in costume during Glee’s Britney Spears episode when her character, named Brittany S. Pierce, portrays the pop singer in a number of dream sequences, from several of Spears’ music videos.

Morris, 25, has admitted to posing for naked photos prior to her role on Glee, but has not confirmed if the recent internet photos are actually her or a hoax.

She may not mind either way though, she was quoted as to saying of her former professionally done nude photos at the time when they surfaced, “I think they’re beautiful. Everybody should do tasteful, beautiful nudes, so when you get older you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh that’s when my body looked so great.'”

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