Heidi Klum Surprises Halloween Party Guests

Heidi Klum – Heidi Klum shocked her guests at her Las Vegas Halloween party by turning up on a gurney literally flashing nothing but flesh. The attendees were quite surprised and didn’t expect that to happen.

This year, the German supermodel arrived at Tao in dramatic fashion: wheeled in on a hospital gurney by two doctors, covered with a bloody white bed sheet.

As the doctors lifted the sheet, Klum was revealed wearing an anatomy-inside-out skinless bodysuit. It appeared as though her flesh was torn off.

Photographers, fans and friends were left aghast at the lengths Heidi had gone to in order to stun the crowd.

“I am the visible woman. My inspiration was to be dead, someone without their skin. Basically, the skin is just ripped off,” stated Klum.

She will bring her (glamorous) brand of frightful fun to New York City on Monday night, throwing a Halloween bash at the new Dream Downtown after a successful party in Las Vegas on Saturday.

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