Heidi Klum Flared ‘Jeans’ Look Not So Hot Or Ridiculous?

Heidi Klum Flared – Fashion model, and “Project Runway” host, Heidi Klum has been receiving a lot of criticism over a possible fashion fopaux when she was seen wearing a pair of flared bottom blue jeans that would of made the 70’s style look good.

Many consumers say that the “flare” is back, and fashion designers love the 70’s style because of it’s uniqueness and added neutral colors to match clothing. The supermodel moved heads when she was spotted wearing the bell bottoms and it does make a serious fashion statement. Do you see yourself wearing these jeans?

Heidi Klum was photographed wearing the hugely bell bottomed jeans this past weekend as she was out and about with her children. First to dance class with her daughters then to the park with the rest of her, and husband, Seal’s, children.

Ever since, she has been the subject of jokes across the internet for the flared look. The jeans she wore are actually called ‘elephant bells’ in the fashion world.

But that didn’t stop the criticism as there were jokes from how many “homeless people were living in the jeans” to “there was enough material there to create a sail.”

However she probably didn’t care about all the ridicule over her weekend fashion sense. She once was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, “Fashion is always fun, interesting, new and different. I love to get dressed in unusual things.”

In 1992 when Heidi Klum was 18 she was convinced by a friend to enter into a modeling contest in where she beat out 25,000 models to win. She was then offered a contract from Metropolitan Models New York for $300,000 to start her career.

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