Hilaria Thomas Sued For “Emotional Upset” By Yoga Class Student

Hilaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin’s wife, is being sued by a student in her yoga class, who alleges her negligence led to him injuring himself.

Spencer Wolff, 32, suffered severe wounds to his left leg and foot while performing a complex pose in Thomas’ class.

He claims that the class was overcrowded, forcing him to do a headstand while standing too close to a sixth-floor window.

As he fell on his side, his left foot went “straight through the window,” the glass piercing and cutting his leg and causing five deep wounds.

Other students in the Yoga Vida class have confirmed that their mats were positioned one or two inches apart. The class is very popular among beginner and advanced yoga practitioners.

“There was a large amount of blood,” a witness describes.

A second witness adds that passersby “came running up saying, ‘Who’s knocking out windows?'” after the incident.

Wolff has law degrees from Columbia University and the Sorbonne. His attorney Paul Weitz is dubbing the yoga teacher negligent and responsible for the accident.

He claims she put his client in “extreme danger” by letting the number of attendants in the class “exceed a safe and/or maximum allowable number of persons.”

“He can’t flex the ankle and the foot points downward. He’s in a boot. […] He is worried whether he’ll be able to use his leg normally again — and right now it’s a waiting game,” Weitz explains.

NY Daily News details that the lawsuit also mentions Wolff suffering “emotional upset” during Thomas’ January 15 class.

A friend of Thomas argued that she told the student to change the manner in which he was performing the headstand. She instructed him to stop but he did not take her advice.

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