Hobbit Motion Sickness Headache: Lord Of The Rings Prequel Complaints

The Hobbit 3D film, due out next Friday nationwide, is causing motion sickness and headaches for some of the pre-screening viewers that watched the Peter Jackson Lord Of The Rings prequel.

Aside from the 3D Jackson used a new format to double the frame rate of the film, and after it was previewed at CinemaCon over the summer, viewers complained that the effects have caused dizziness, and that the new format shows the film’s images in extreme sharpness, which takes away from film’s historic beauty.

Since the CinemaCon preview, select audiences, including film critics and journalists, have had a chance to see the film in its entirety with a few leaving complaining of motion sickness or a headache due to the film’s graphics.

“The filming technique made [audience members] nauseous and dizzy, with some even complaining of migraines,” The New Zealand Herald reported as some of the reaction they were getting from early viewers of the film.

“You have to hold your stomach down and let your eyes pop at first to adjust,” one fan in New Zealand reportedly tweeted.

Warner Brothers is defending the format of the film saying that the complaints are erroneous.

In a statement Warner Bros says, “We have been screening the full-length HFR 3D presentation of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY extensively and feedback has been extremely positive, with none of thousands who have seen the film projected in this format expressing any of the issues described by two anonymous sources in media reports. We share the filmmakers’ belief that by offering filmgoers the additional choice of HFR 3D, alongside traditional viewing formats, they have an opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking advancement in the movie going experience and we look forward to having audiences everywhere share in this new way of storytelling.”

However, there have been other fans leaving the movie complaining other then the two Warner Brothers mentions in the statement.

“My eyes cannot take everything in, it’s dizzying, now I have a migraine,” one viewer complained after leaving a screening. Another said, “I left loving the movie but feeling sick.” Another fan said “it was like being on a rollercoaster, and it gave you motion sickness.”

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