Hulk Hogan Dental Surgery To Remove Tack From Face

Hulk Hogan Surgery – Hulk Hogan has had quite of few injuries over his career that have required many surgeries from knees to his neck and back. Now he’s dealing with procedures to correct past surgeries because he’s getting older.

Since last year, the former pro wrestler has been seeing a dentist to get work done on having teeth implants. The procedure involves taking a piece of bone and surgically placing it in the mouth to support the new teeth.

After he had the initial work done, he developed a painful infection and was asked to have a cat scan done to find the problem. The scan showed that a metal tack used in the previous surgery that should have been removed, prior to stitching Hogan back up, was left in his mouth.

Hogan then went back to have it removed on Tuesday. He tells TMZ, “They had to drill a f**king hole in my face!” He is currently resting and recovering at home from the corrective surgery.

In 2005 Hulk Hogan, now 58-years-old, was inducted into the ‘WWE Hall of Fame’ as a 12 time World Heavy Weight Champion and WWF/WWE Champion 6 times. He was also a WCW Chapion 6 times and held one WWE Tag Team Championship with Edge, who will be induced to the Hall Of Fame this coming April.

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