Hulk Hogan Tape Was Made 5 Years Ago

Hulk Hogan Tape – A video being shopped to the highest bidder, featuring Hulk Hogan in an alleged sex tape scandal, is not being denied by the 58-year-old pro wrestler. However, he doesn’t know who the woman is. He claims it happened when he was going through his divorce and was on a drunken binge.

TMZ claims to have seen the tape being shopped by a pornography distributor, where Hogan is seen taking his clothes off and joining an unidentified brunette in bed.

TMZ is also confirming the mystery women is not Hogan’s ex-wife of 23 years nor his current 35-year-old wife. Hogan is heard saying, while taking his shirt off in the video, “I started to work out again.”

Hogan said of not being aware of who the girl is, or even exactly when the tape was made, that during a 4 month period between his divorce and meeting his current wife, he was on an alcohol bender. “During that time, I don’t even remember people’s names, much less girls.”

He speculated that he believed the tape was about 5 years old, citing the fact that he has not slept with any other woman since meeting his new wife in 2008.

TMZ says that Hogan told them he did not give permission for the video and the tape was “secretly filmed” and called it an “outrageous invasion of privacy.”

Hogan’s lawyer noted that, “If anyone goes forward with this thing, we’re gonna find ’em and we’re gonna prosecute.”

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