Ivanka Trump Publishes Baby Body Photos

Ivanka Trump is looking good enough to post some pictures of her baby body, after giving birth to her son, Joseph, five weeks ago. Trump has surprised everyone in such a short amount of time.

The 32-year-old shared an Instagram photo today of herself in a flattering blue and green sheath dress, waving on stage at a convention as she turned side-on to show off her profile.

She captioned the photo: “It was such an honor to participate in the Robin Hood Investor’s Conference this morning,” but commenters seem to be more interested in how great she looks than where she is.

One commenter on the photo – which had more than 1,000 ‘likes’ in the first 30 minutes since it was posted – wrote: “You just had a baby! You look really great!”

Another fan shared the sentiment. “You look insanely fabulous – you make being a new mom look super easy!” she said.

In the photo, Trump paired her dress with black stilettos, chandelier earrings and a chic updo.Her slimline profile is a far cry from a photo she posted on October 10, just five days before baby Joseph was born.

The heiress and entrepreneur has been somewhat quiet on the social media front since the birth of her son, posting mostly recipes and photos of
her two children rather than ones of herself.Three weeks ago, she shared photos from a family trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Zoo with her husband Jared Kushner and their daughter Arabella, two.

Trump and husband Jared Kushner also took their daughter on a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden earlier this month, where they admired the fall foliage.

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