James Bond Buzzsaw Rolex With Bullet Shield

James Bond Buzzsaw Rolex With Bullet Shield Goes Up For Auction

The James Bond Buzzsaw Rolex will soon be sold at Christies. Live And Let Die was one of the most gadget-filled movies, featuring a watch with built-in high intensity magnetic bullet shield as well as robotic voodoo figures and a taxi that enclosed the rider in a cage of bulletproof glass.

Although the figures and taxi aren’t for sale, you can own that rocking masterpiece. The watch has been completely gutted and still contains the original motor and “buzzsaw.”

Designed by art director Syd Cain, the timepiece is one of the exceedingly rare timepieces modified to be used in a film. It has been specifically adapted for the buzz saw feature by cutting the bezel’s edges into sharp teeth and modified in order for it to rise to maximum height before spinning.

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In Syd Cain’s original design, the buzzsaw is activated by compressed air blown through a tube onto specially constructed vanes, causing the bezel to rise and rotate.

Bond used it with dramatic results in one of the movie’s most exciting sequences when cutting through the rope and escaping with Solitaire from the hoist in Kananga’s lair just before the villain’s plans to feed them to the sharks could be carried out.

The magnetic feature was similarly used to full effect by Bond in his final confrontation with Dr. Kananga. It also provided some of the movies’ more humorous moments when, at the beginning of the film, uses it to unzip Miss Caruso’s dress. Her remark about the delicacy of his touch gave fame to 007’s typically sardonic response “see magnetism, darling.”

James Bond Buzzsaw Rolex Signed By 007

The Rolex is signed “Roger Moore 007” on the back and there’s a tiny hole where the special effects folks connected Miss Caruso’s dress to the watch using invisible string so that old dog James could unzip it with magnets.

Christies will sell the Rolex at auction in November and it’s expected to reach $200K to $450K.