James Cameron Sued Again For $2.5 Billion Avatar Sequel

James Cameron is being sued again by the “Bats and Butterflies” author for $2.5 billion over the upcoming Avatar sequel, but the director insists he came up with the film ideas long before the technology to film it was available, even though someone else is accusing him of sealing it.

Last month two writers had placed two separate lawsuits against Cameron and his production company Lightstom Entertainment, sighting that they had written about similar stories to ‘Avatar’ before Cameron said he thought of it in the 90’s.

Now a third writer named Elijah Schkeiban is suing, siting Cameron got the idea from his “Bats & Butterflies,” stories that began in 1988.

Schkeiban says his story follows a man named Joshua who is injured after fighting some criminals, then flies to a planet called Altair, where he gets lost in a forest, and he meets up with the planets indigenous species. Sounding familiar yet?

The story continues with Joshua getting involved in a battle between the bats and the butterflies. He is caught by the butterflies, were he ends up meeting their queen who has her daughter train him. He then in turn fights along side the butterflies riding on their backs.

A previous suit by writer Bryant Moore had him looking for a total amount of damages in total of $2.5 billion dollars. The damages being sought by Elijah Schkeiban have yet to be disclosed.

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