Janice Dickinson Being Evicted In Los Angeles

Supermodel Janice Dickinson is being evicted from her home in Los Angeles after she allegedly fell behind on her rent payments. Dickinson, 57, is being sued by her landlords and in the state of California, a person can be removed from the property.

The court documents state that the landlord gave Janice 3 days to pay up or move out on May 7th.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t done anything to resolve the matter and now the landlords are asking the court to evict her award them a judgement in the amount of $17,700.

They are hoping to both kick her out of the house and to get the money back the claim she has failed to pay.

Dickinson, who has previously worked as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, is reportedly set to appear on Celebrity Big Brother when the show returns in August.

She has also been busy in recent years, appeared in the celebrity edition of UK dinner-party show Come Dine With Me 2010, in which she formed a bizarre rivalry with former topless model Samantha Fox.

In addition, Dickinson appeared in the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which premiered in 2010, and guest-starred on an episode of hit TV 90210 titled Project Runway.

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