Jason Priestley Luke Perry 90210: ‘We Are Stuck Together Until Death’

Jason Priestley Luke Perry 90210 — Western movie? Jason Priestley and Luke Perry from the 90210 series are back together again. The two Beverly Hills icons are filming a new Western movie for the Hallmark channel.

Fans of the hit ’90s series will only be able to see Perry onscreen in the project that he exec produces and stars in as Judge John Goodnight, a circuit judge, who renders justice with a perfect persuasion of eloquence and deadly aim.

Priestley is directing the project and says that their “90210” shorthand was very evident during the making of the TV movie. “There is not a lot of discussion necessary between Luke and I when there are more takes necessary,” he told ETOnline.com. “I would go to Luke and say, ‘Take it again.’ He would know what that meant. We didn’t have to break the scenes down ad nauseam. Which makes things move so much faster.”

Luke, who says he picked a Western for them to be reunited on so viewers wouldn’t have “90210” flashbacks, adds, “I think I was the first one Jason ever shot when he started directing. I remember showing up to do the first episode [of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’] and he already wanted to direct. It never occurred to me to direct. He is pretty competent at it.” Jason recently told George Lopez on TBS: “We are stuck together until death.”