Jay-Z, Kanye West Copyright Case Settled In Federal Court

Jay-Z Kanye Copyright Case – Rapper’s Jay-Z and Kanye West have settled a copyright infringement lawsuit case filed in an Illinois Federal court against them over the music used in their joint song called “The Joy.”

The suit filed against the two by performer Syl Johnson, claims that prior to the August 2011 release of the Jay-Z and West collaborated album, “Watch the Throne,” which contains the song in question, West once tried to gain the rights to sample the song, “Different Strokes,” for his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” solo album, but a deal was never reached. Shortly after the release of the joint venture album, Johnson realized the song had been sampled without permission.

The details of the lawsuit such as compensation being seeked by Johnson was never publicly released. However, TMZ is reporting, recent court documents released on the case indicate that Jay-Z and West have decided to settle the matter outside of court in order to avoid a trial.

Johnson previously has taken several other acts to court over copy infringement cases, such as; Cypress Hill, Jefferson Airplane, Wu-Tang Clan, Kid Rock and Michael Jackson. Though the Cypress Hill case took 20 years to settle, Johnson has won all of them.

No other details of the settlement were released other then the fact both partys agreed to it and the copyright case has been dropped.

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