Jay-Z: Beyonce Birkin Bags With Private Island Christmas Present

Jay-Z: Beyonce Birkin Bags with private island Christmas present. Jay-Z purchased a few Birkin bags for Beyonce as a Christmas gift. The couple have an endless account balance and went all the way this year for the holidays.

Beyonce woke up on Christmas morning and discovered her gifts under the tree, but she had no idea that Jay-Z spent $350,000 for some Birkin bags.

Birkin bags are worth a lot of money. An inside source claims that Jay-Z spent hours on Friday in the brand’s Manhattan store to get her present right. In fact, it loaded up a private room at the store where he searched for the favorite one.

The couple don’t hold back when it comes to gifts, especially for birthdays. Beyonce bought Jay-Z a $2 million car for his birthday this year and the rapper bought his wife a $20 million private island off the shore of Florida. They are living the celebrity lifestyle and they sure flash it around.