Jeff Goldblum In St. Barts With Girlfriend Emilie Livingston

Jeff Goldblum was seen this week in St. Barts with his 29-year-old girlfriend, model and actress Emilie Livingston as the couple was photographed playfully spending time together on the beach.

Goldblum, 59, has bagged himself a girlfriend 30 years his junior, and he’s also maintained an impressive physique to boot.

Jeff was more than a match for 29-year-old Emilie’s lithe figure, with both exhibiting beach-ready bodies.

She’s a former Olympic gymnast and accomplished dancer and looked stunning in a pink and blue two-piece while he donned a pair of bright-red shorts.

The Independence Dayactor’s romantic sunshine break comes as the original Jurassic Park is re-released in cinemas today in 3D to mark its 20-year anniversary.

The science-fiction film, based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, also starred Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Richard Attenborough.

The Steven Spielberg classic spawned a further two sequels – and a fourth movie has also been in the pipeline for a number of years – but has been trapped in “development hell” since a year after the third film was released in 2002.

Spielberg announced at last year’s Comic-Con film convention in San Diego that preparations were underway for the fourth film – and would be released in the next “two or three years.”

There is still no word on whether Goldblum will reprise his role as Dr Ian Malcolm – although he did not return for the third installment.

Recently, a Los Angeles court judge granted Goldblum a 3-year restraining order from a stalker. The person has been harassing the actor for at least 10 years now. In addition, he’s been working on minor projects ever since he quit the Law and Order Series in 2010.

Goldblum has been married twice before. His first marriage to Patricia Gaul, who he starred with in 1985 film Silverado, lasted six years before they split in 1986.

He then married his co-star of three films Geena Davis in 1987, but their union lasted just three years.

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