Jenna Lyons Of J. Crew Divorcing

Jenna Lyons – New details have emerged about the divorce of Jenna Lyons. the creative director of J. Crew. Much admired for her impeccable taste, is splitting from husband, Vincent Mazeau, and is supposedly in a relationship with another woman.

The divorce comes after the couple, who wed in 2002 and shared a Park Slope brownstone, were featured in magazine stories as the ultimate in creative and casual cool.

Now the story of Lyons coming out is catnip for gossip rags, and if she actually is gay, she will join the many celebrity women once married to men whose coming outs inspired more media coverage than usually devoted to small revolutions.

One early example is The Daily Mail’s headline: “Millionaire J Crew boss who painted five-year-old son’s toenails pink splits from husband and moves on with lesbian lover”

Clues could have been derived from Lyons’ recent interview with The New York Times discussing how gay and lesbian couples have recently had an influence on J. Crew’s wedding collection. The piece quotes Lyons, “Based on feedback, she said, there was a need for simpler dresses, as a way for a woman to differentiate herself if her partner decides to go the princess bride route. Ms. Lyons is also thinking of offering a white pantsuit.”

Lyons clarified in the piece that said pantsuit would be “not necessarily for a lesbian.”

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