Jennifer Aniston And The Justin Theroux Break Up That Never Happened

Despite rumors that Jennifer Aniston was breaking up with Justin Theroux because of his failure to commit to her, the couple to is still together.

“It’s once again just another fabrication to sell magazines and has no relationship to reality,” said Aniston’s rep.

The magazine that started the rumor thought they had evidence of another woman. However, it turned out just to be an old friend, comedienne Amy Sedaris.

In reality, Jennifer and Justin are still going strong and according to a source, Aniston does not have the same desire to start a family that she formerly did.

“Quite simply, becoming a mother just doesn’t seem as important to Jen as it once was. Her main priority is her relationship with Justin,” a source stated.

“Justin was open from the start that he wasn’t looking to start a family anytime soon and far from being a deal-breaker, which it once would have been, Jen has realized that she’s OK with that. Jennifer is not ruling motherhood out altogether, but right now she is focused on her relationship with Justin. She may re-evaluate down the line — but for now she is happy with her life the way it is and seems to have given up on the notion that having a child will make her life complete,” the source added.

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