Jennifer Aniston Is Hot

Jennifer Aniston Hot – If Jennifer Aniston hadn’t received the public’s attention before, especially with her latest interviews in various magazines, she certainly has it now.

The former “Friends” star opted for a tried and true method–taking off all her clothes…and it worked. On the December 2008 cover of GQ, the actress poses in nothing but a necktie, and looks, dare we say, amazing. It’s hard to keep up with all her drama when she looks so incredibly happy and hot.

Her latest man, Justin Theroux, appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and showed off the breakdancing skills that are his girlfriend’s latest obsession.

In the lead-up to the release of the new comedy “Wanderlust,” much has been made of Aniston’s purported hot scene in the film. But when MTV New’s Josh Horowitz sat down with Aniston and co-star Paul Rudd for our MTV First on Wednesday, the actress waved off the scene.

“Yeah, big deal!” Aniston said, insisting that most of the talk around the scene was just sensational. “Isn’t that a good, fun headline? That’s what happens.”

For Aniston, nudity has to matter for where the character is heading in the story, and a crazy, purposeless nude scene would never work. “I think it depends on what the movie is. It felt like it would be gratuitous to do that in a movie like this and it would be more distracting from the movie and what was happening to the character,” she explained.

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