Jennifer Hudson Listed As Witness In Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson – Singer Jennifer Hudson has been listed as a witness that could possibly testify in the case for the prosecution in the upcoming murder trial for William Balfour.

Balfour was once married to Hudson’s sister, Julia and is accused of killing Hudson’s 57-year-old mother, 29-year-old brother, and 7-year-old nephew, a son of Julia’s with another man, in 2008.

The trial is set to begin on April 23rd after several postponements by the defense, and it has yet been determined if Hudson will be called to the stand.

On October 24th of 2008, the bodies of mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson were found in the family home shot to death. Meanwhile, nephew Julian King had gone missing, but was found days later in the trunk of car also shot, with the weapon found in nearby bushes.

After an investigation, in December of 2008 Balfour was formally charged with the crimes. Balfour had previously served 7 years in prison and was on parole for attempted murder and vehicular hijacking.

During the investigation Hudson had told interviewer’s, she had known Balfour since she was a child and advised her sister against marrying him. She also said the couple ended up secretly marrying in 2006 but was not known about by the rest of the family until several months later.

Prosecutors are saying that Balfour was motivated by anger after the fact that Julia had started dating another man after they became estranged.

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