​Jennifer Lopez Talking To Fox About Idol Return​​

By: | 08/02/2021 12:09 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez has been negotiating a deal with Fox to return to the American Idol talent show for next season. The network is hopeful that Lopez could improve its TV ratings, which has been on the decline.

“Both Fox and Jennifer are very happy about this and want it to happen very much,” a source told People magazine.

As for recent reports that Lopez was shunned by The Voice as a judge and a performer, the source says the rumors are false.

“Jennifer never had discussions with NBC about being a judge,” the source explains. “She was approached by NBC about performing but had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts.”

As for why Lopez is returning for a third season, the source says: “She couldn’t return last year because she had committed to a world tour. But now that the tour is over, she has more time to raise her family, do movies and pursue television projects.”

The schedule is now in reach to return as a judge on Idol, the source adds.