Jenny McCarthy Uses Botox To Stay Looking Young

Former Playmate and actress Jenny McCarthy admits to Life & Style magazine that she is an obvious user of Botox injections and she loves getting them, “I’m an obvious Botox user, I tell everyone,” the 39-year-old said.

Jenny explains though she likes Botox she uses it sparingly to help keep her youthful look “I get Botox in my forehead,” she adds. “I just have my doctor do a little shot.”

She also gave credit to her sister for making her look young all the time, and that it just isn’t the Botox. ”Having your sister be your professional make-up artist helps. I just kind of take care of myself,” she says.

The mother of one also talked a little about her new relationship with Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher and a rule she has when it comes to her son and her relationships.

”I haven’t made too many comments other than the fact that I’m taking baby steps. We’ll see. But I’m giddy right now,” McCarthy says of the relationship with Urlacher.

She adds, ”I have a six-month rule. I don’t introduce my son to anybody unless someone makes it six months.”

Urlacher and McCarthy just started dating earlier this month.

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