Jermaine Jones Surprises American Idol With Arrest Warrants

Jermaine Jones – After producers disqualified contestant singer, Jermaine Jones from ‘American Idol’ Tuesday, host Ryan Seacrest, addressed the situation at the beginning of Wednesday nights telecast on FOX.

Without mentioning Jones’s name, Seacrest explained that the shows producers working with law enforcement found that Jones was not fully truthful with information he had given and had to be eliminated.

Apparently last year Jones was involved in two separate incident’s involving police and both times he provided false information about his identity. It was also revealed that there are also currently 4 outstanding warrants on Jones.

In a meeting with Jones on Tuesday afternoon, that was later shown on the telecast, producers explained to him that they are not allowed to have contestant’s on the show with arrest warrants out on them.

Jones was asked why he was not truthful about his legal problems beforehand, he answered, “I was just scared and nervous. I didn’t wanna get judged. I didn’t wanna get penalized for anything that happened in the past.”

He was then played off to his own performance of ‘Somewhere Out There’ while he walked away from the ‘Idol’ studio.

After that segment of the show Seacrest said to the audience, “We will certainly miss Jermaine’s talent on the show, and we wish him the best of luck for his future.”

According to The Smoking Gun, Jones is wanted in three different New Jersey counties for failure to appear for several charges stemming back to 2006.

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