Jerry Jones To Appear On TNT’s Dallas

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones announces that he will be in an episode the drama series Dallas on TNT.

“I did enjoy having it shot out at the stadium, having it shot there in the suite” said Jones, who wasn’t sure when the episode will air. “Of course, I’ve always been a big fan and was a big fan, when I first got to Dallas, of J.R., so all of that fit well. I think it’s a good thing for Dallas.”

The original “Dallas” aired on CBS from 1978 throughout 1991, so it will be interesting to see whether the new series will have just as long of a stint.

When asked if Jones can see similarities of himself in Ewing, he responded carefully.

“I think that’s a loaded question,” a laughing Jones responded. “We both have a cowboy hat on, I know that.”

Last season, the actor who plays Ewing, Larry Hagman, made it to the Cowboys/ Buffalo Bills game at Cowboys Stadium. During that game, in November, Hagman and a few other cast members hung out in Jones’ suite.

“From time-to-time over the years, these kinds of appearances like that, I really don’t call that being on a show,” Jones said. “I just like to get around the set.”

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