Jersey Shore House Vandalized By Fans – Who ‘Owns’ Home?

Jersey Shore House Vandalized By Fans – Who Owns Home? – The Seaside Heights house that serves as the setting and part-time for the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore gets vandalized every week. The person who owns it, known as “Danny,” says that it’s becoming such a big problem that he hired security to keep fans away from the property.

According to TMZ, during times between seasons when the house is unoccupied, it is visited by “vandalous fans” of the show. The realtor responsible for the upkeep on the home claims that shingles on the roof have been taken, and graffiti on the homes walls happen so often that the property has to be repainted every week.

One fan painted “We Love You Snooki,” on a wall.

As a result of the continued vandalism, extra security has been put in place to deter fans from creating more destruction to the property ahead of the cast returning this summer to start filming the sixth season.

They have also asked the local police department to pay special attention to the house, something I’m sure the cast would not prefer when they return.

The permanent resident population in Seaside Heights is only 2,887 people, but in the summertime, it is a popular attraction, especially for those under the age of 21, when the town sees about 65,000 visitors come in.

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