Jesse James Moving Texas Bound

Jesse James moving Texas, to run Austin Speed Shop. The Monster Garage host is moving to Austin, Texas to operate his custom car business, and to be closer to Sandra Bullock. Jesse James wants to get out of California and start over.

“He intends to move at the end of the month, he’s got a need to be there,” Jesse James’s lawyer John Schilling said in a statement. There are several reasons why James is aiming for Texas. For starters, he could be closer to Sandra Bullock, since they are going to share custody of their adopted child.

James, 41, operates a custom car business called “Austin Speed Shop” where he plans to be more involved. James and Bullock put the California home they shared as a couple up for sale. Bullock announced on April 28 that the two were divorcing in the wake of a string of lurid revelations linking James to a stripper.

Bullock, 45, recently revealed she had adopted a three-month-old baby boy in New Orleans prior to her split with James. She plans to raise the child as a single mother. In a recent interview, Bullock said she was “sad and scared” about the end of her five-year marriage.