Jessica Simpson Paid For Pregnancy Interview ($500K)

Rumors about Jessica Simpson pregnancy have been circulating for weeks. However, Simpson had been waiting for a lucrative publisher offer before she went public about the pregnancy. Jessica was paid $500K to make the official announcement through OK Magazine.

Apparently, the deal was made last night. She told OK: “Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women.”

In 2010, she told talk show host Rachael Ray, “I absolutely want kids,” and added, “I can’t wait to have kids, hopefully, someday.” She also made other appearances, such as “The View” and talked about children. The news is somewhat surprising, but it all makes sense if you followed everything she’s been saying for the past two years.

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Observers Question Motive

Some observers say that pregnancy is the reason she wanted to postpone her wedding to fiance Eric Johnson in September, but others have said it was the singer’s indecisiveness that has really held things up.

Life and Style reported earlier this month that Jessica was having a baby girl. They also stated that she was getting married to fiance Eric Johnson on November 11th in Hawaii. The cat was already out of the bag when they said she is ecstatic and that by having a girl is “like winning the lottery twice.”

Simpson has been hiding the baby bump for the past few days now. She was recently spotted with her mother at LAX and was wearing a loose black sweater and used her oversized handbag to cover her tummy from the cameras. The magazine hits the shelves on Thursday (Oct. 27).