Jessica Simpson Is Taking Her Weight Loss Serious

Jessica Simpson has definitely had a tough year with her weight, and having a baby only added to the pounds, but she’s been successful and now she’s taking the loss of pounds goal very seriously.

Women face a constant struggle to lose baby weight following their pregnancy. Simpson is no different, but very eager to shed the extra pounds. She goes through enough trouble with the tabloids talking about her weight problems in the past, before her pregnancy.

Simpson has joined Weight Watchers in an effort to document her upcoming journey on losing the weight she gained, and she hopes it will help others who face the same predicament.

In fact, one of her friends recently said that Simpson has recruited a support group of close friends because she wants to making losing weight fun.

“[Jessica] has about eight of her friends forming their own weight- loss group… she wanted to have fun losing the weight, so they are all doing it together,” her friend told In Touch Weekly.

The approach to tackle the problem is simple: turn it into something positive towards weight loss and make it fun. It’s all about lifestyle changes. So many celebrities are on the run, due to busy schedules, and the problem becomes a poor diet. In fact, Katy Perry recently admitted that she mostly eats fast-food when on tour.

Hopefully, with the support of her friends and the Weight Watchers program, Jessica Simpson will be able to drop the baby weight while maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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