Jessica Simpson Decides On Weight Watchers Loss Plan

Jessica Simpson is committed to losing her baby fat while being the Weight Watchers program. Simpson, 31, has gained more than 60 pounds with her recent pregnancy and due to her fluctuated weight.

She has made up her mind to diet sensibly and tweeted, “So excited to be part of the Weight Watchers family.”

”I think anybody who’s gone through a pregnancy, after they have the baby, it’s like, ‘I need to do something about this'”, Jessica said.

”For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle, because in the past, I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.”

The “Fashion Star” mentor will be measuring her body to keep track of her progress, but has not set a weight goal.

”There’s not a goal weight – I just want to feel normal and fixate on inches. I really want to set small goals, so I’m constantly reaching goals and not looking at something so far ahead,” she stated.

Simpson, engaged to NFL free-agent Eric Johnson, delivered their first child by way of C-section on May 1, 2012. It was a 9 lbs., 13 oz. girl who they named Maxwell Drew Johnson.

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