Jim Carrey’s Proud Daughter Appears On American Idol Audition

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane auditioned on American Idol and even though he has a connection with one of the judges, Jennifer Lopez, there is no-telling if that helped her out in San Diego.

The auditions, which had taken place earlier, where taped aboard the USS Midway while docked in the San Diego Harbor and played on FOX this past Sunday evening after football. 24-year-old Jane Carrey, surprised Lopez when she appeared, leaving Lopez to lament that the last time she had seen Jane was when she was 2 years-old on the set of “In Living Color.”

Of course that is where both Carrey and Lopez started getting some national recognition together, Carrey being a comedic participant and Lopez one of the dancing “Fly Girls.”

Randy Jackson proceed to ask Jane if her father knew she was there, which she said, yes he does. Carey sang a rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s, “Something to Talk About,” which was good enough to earn her a ticket to Hollywood from all three judges.

Afterwards Jane met with Ryan Seacrest, were she phone dad, Jim, to let him know the good news.

Jane has a little knowledge of music from being married to musician Alex Santana. Santana performs with a band called “Blood Money” under the stage name of “Nitro.”

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