Jimmy Fallon SNL Host With Musical Guest Michael Buble

Jimmy Fallon is finally hosting SNL for the first time ever in Rockfeller Centre Plaza, New York City, with musical guest Michael Buble and Tina Fey with the Weekend Update Joke Off. The comedian is returning to where he got his start in TV comedy, and that is priceless.

Late night fans who remember him from 1998-2004 as a cast member will get to some of the classic acts again, but with fresh content that made the show so funny during the six years he was doing sketch comedy. In fact, there was one Christmas where he played the “Ghost of Hosts Future” and told Alec Baldwin that he had could step into the future.

That was when Baldwin hosted the show in 1998. Could Will Ferrell return for some golden classics? We shall see as fans are anxious to find out tonight.

Coincidentally, before leaving SNL in 2004, Jimmy was approached by NBC executives about the possibility of hosting his late night comedy show in the near future. Nothing was definite at the time, but they wanted to put Jay Leno on prime time and allow Conan O’Brien a chance to take over the “Tonight Show.” Of course, we now know what circles that created. NBC lost O’Brien and Leno went right back to his old show.

However, that fiasco would help Fallon get the show and everything else is history. His acting abilities also put him on the big screen in several films.

According to Access Hollywood, Jimmy is nervous about the show but promises some very special guests. No names were dropped, but we can only guess that one of them will be Alec Baldwin. Some blogger sites suggest that O’Brien himself might appear, but that seems highly doubtful, although he did appear a few months ago on another NBC broadcast.

Jimmy Fallon’s Christmas edition of SNL, fulfilling his lifelong dream as host, will air at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.

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