JLo and her divorce from Marc Anthony turns nasty

JLo Divorce – The case between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is a divorce that’s about to explode because they are not fairly amicable and civilized. Things are getting really ugly and sources say it’s going to be a downright nasty fight when these two go to court. It has everything to do with the new man, Casper Smart, and the hatred for him.

No one know exactly what was said, but Anthony yelled at Lopez for keeping Smart around the kids while taking him on vacations around the world last month. There was a huge blowup between the former couple. He’s accusing her for being irresponsible, and she’s getting upset with him for “hitting the roof.”

JLo’s life has been publicized everywhere she goes, and that usually means Casper is with her. The two were photographed kissing and hugging two weeks ago on vacation. The next photo showed the two outdoors with the kids.

Marc has stated that he wants to make her suffer because she’s out having a good time, having fun with someone young enough to be her son, and his plans are to change are to take more custody of the kids.

But Lopez told a source that she’s getting lawyers together and will be “ready to smash him if he tries anything,” according to an insider.

Divorce is nasty business and usually the lawyers are the ones that walk away with a huge payday. The assets, monies, and everything else is divided, unless there’s been evidence of infidelity or abandonment. We all know that Anthony has a hot temper so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in court.

JLo expects everything to be civilized during the divorce proceedings and won’t be looking for a fight, unless Marc touches the custody agreement.

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