Joan Rivers Smokes Pots On Her Own Show (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers gets stoned on her reality television program and calls her daughter to come and get her.

The comedian, who is well-know as the person no one wants to see on the red carpet, decided that it would be fun to park in a friend’s car and get high.

On a recently aired episode of “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best,” the 78-year-old reality star feels stressed so she takes the recommendation of a doctor and purchase’s marijuana from a local pot shop.

She and friend Lynne purchased a stain called Louis XIII, which is an exclusive to Green Works in San Diego, but it is grown in Los Angeles. The drug seemed to take effect instantly for the two women who were laughing within seconds of taking a toke from a pipe.

After baking in the vehicle for a short time, Rivers decided that she needed food fast, but Lynne was in no condition to drive so they called Melissa to come and get them.

While heading back to Melissa’s where her boyfriend’s parents awaited them, her daughter felt it would be best to get some food into her mother in order to kill time, so her buzz would have time to wear off.

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