Joan Rivers Hates Glee In Book “Stop singing!”

Joan Rivers talks about the “Glee” TV show in her most-recent book, “I Hate Everyone … Starting with Me,” in a chapter where she rants about all the things she hates, including Fox.

“I’m sick of seeing happy homosexuals in high school,” she stated. “The gay guys, who I adore, were not running around in high school singing and dancing. They were hiding, frightened they would be beaten to a pulp. Plus, Lea Michele isn’t in high school — she’s a 37-year-old woman.”

In addition, she was bothered because, according to her, everyone in the show is so happy.

“The other thing that bothers me about ‘Glee’ is that everyone in that high school is happy, even the homos. On ‘Glee’ all the homo kids are smiling and giggly and they spend every-day singing in the halls. When I went to high school, the homos spent most of their days hiding in their lockers crying. If I came home from school and sang to my mother, she would have slapped me in the face and said, ‘Stop singing! You’re Jewish! Everyone hates us.'”

She even took a swing at the television series when she was stating why she hates child stars.

“I’ve always hate child stars, starting from way back when, when I was a child. The first child star I saw was Shirley Temple. She was six years old, two foot six and the biggest star in Hollywood. She wore ribbons in her hair, and frilly little pinafores and shiny patent-leather tap shoes – just like the boys in Glee do.”

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