Joan Rivers Injects Daughter Melissa With Fertility Drug On TV

Joan Rivers injects her daughter Melissa with a fertility in the last episode of their reality TV show.

Melissa Rivers’ now ex-boyfriend, Jason Zimmerman, was supposed to give her the injection but ended up walking out on her, leaving her no choice but to turn to have Joan come to the rescue.

Before a timid Joan injected the drug into Meliss’a belly, she practiced on an orange.

On Tuesday night Joan tweeted about the experience, “It was so hard for me to give Melissa her fertility drug injection after Jason walked out! It’s a good thing I never became a junkie.”

Melissa had broken off the relationship with Zimmerman after she found out he was involved in appearing on adult websites.

“I am still trying to process what has come to light over the past few days and I hope that you will respect the privacy of my son and I while we heal,” Melissa said. “Luckily, we are Rivers and always bounce back! Thanks to all my supportive fans, friends, and co-workers for their love and support which is carrying us through.”

The reality show on WE TV follows the Rivers family as Joan decides to move closer to her family in California, first moving in with Melissa as she looks for a home of her own.

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