Joe Walsh And Sir Paul McCartney Perform Grammys

Joe Walsh has more in common with Paul McCartney than most people know, and you could sense there was something special in the air during the Grammy Awards when they performed on stage together.

Prior to the Grammys, Paul McCartney did three run-throughs of his new song “My Valentine,” joined by Joe Walsh and Diana Krall. They are all veterans who played backup for the former Beatle. In addition, there was an entire orchestra that gave body to the forlorn melody.

Afterward, the Eagles guitarist sighed when he spoke of the song. “It’s a beautiful song,” he said. “He wrote that for his wife. He just did an album of standards, something he wanted to do for a long time. It’s a side of Paul we never really heard before. It’s a side he never really heard before. He didn’t know it was in him.”

Walsh, whose brother-in-law just happens to be former Beatle Ringo Starr, has become friends with McCartney in recent years and they have talked about the curious rhythms of genre experimentation.

“He was trying to sing these songs and he found that they are different. It’s real easy to get Vegas, you know? But he got in there and found a style. And now we have a new side to Paul McCartney.”

McCartney may be seeking his inner Cole Porter these days, but he’s still in touch with his teenybopper heritage; at the end of the second take of “My Valentine” he curled his hands in front of him and, pressing his thumbs together, he made a heart symbol — yes, that’s right, the sweet salutation favored by modern-day Justin Bieber.

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