John Wayne Auction Items Include Golden Globe In Los Angeles

John Wayne auction items include the famous Golden Globe for the film “True Gift” in Los Angeles. The items will go up for auction beginning October 3, 2011.

Some of the Wayne memorabilia that can be bought will include; cowboy hats, costumes and saddles. There will be more than 700 items from actor’s estate, according to Heritage spokesman Donn Pearlman.

“He would always take care of the fans no matter how busy he got,” said Ethan Wayne, 49, who is named after his father’s character in John Ford’s influential 1956 western “The Searchers.”

Ethan recalled how as a young boy when he left the house he would have stacks of business cards stuffed in his pockets that read, “Good Luck, John Wayne” on one side and the Duke’s name typed on the other side. “If he couldn’t sign [an autograph] or talk to them, they at least got a card,” he added. “I would say to him, ‘Dad, why do we have to talk to this guy?’ He’d say, ‘Son, because these are the people who allow me to do what I do.’ ”

He now heads John Wayne Enterprises in Newport Beach. It was created to preserve and protect the image of the larger-than-life movie star. He also has such a large collection of his father’s movie memorabilia that he has opened his archives for auction.

“We get phone calls here, not daily anymore, but certainly weekly from fans saying, ‘How can I get one of your dad’s vests from this film or these films?'” said Wayne, sitting in a conference room at his office. “People have been calling for 32 years.”

The Wayne auction will take place at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and online from Oct. 3 to Oct. 6. Public exhibitions are planned in Dallas and New York later this month.