Johnny Depp Talks About Justin Bieber

On Thursday, Depp paid a visit to “The Late Show,” and Letterman asked if Depp’s daughter likes Justin Bieber. “Oh yeah, she does. But I’m not sure anyone’s daughter doesn’t,” he said, his voice lilting as if he were from County Donegal, Ireland. “I’ve met the young man. Very sweet kid.”

Depp described the odd experience of taking his daughter, Lily Rose, to see Bieber in concert. Her dad being a huge movie star and all, she also got to meet the teen idol, and young Lily Rose was star struck. “It was quite astonishing to see your child in this kind of like frozen trance” Depp said.

“Do you remember when you were her age, having somebody with that effect on yourself?” Letterman asked.

“No,” he replied.

But that doesn’t mean grown-up Depp isn’t a huge Bieber fan. At a recent news conference, a journalist asked him if he was a “Belieber.” “I was confused and then — a-ha — synapse fired and I said, ‘Oh yes, of course, I’m a huge Belieber. And then, about 3.5 seconds later, to the right of the room, Justin Bieber enters.”

“Now how’d they do that?” Letterman wondered.

Depp, too, was mystified by the power of the Biebs. “Exactly. I don’t know if we summoned him up… He was just there.”

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