Jolie Looks “Emaciated” To Bill O’Reilly

Jolie Looks “Emaciated” To Bill O’Reilly
Last summer, Star Magazine quoted an insider as saying Angelina Jolie was down to 99 pounds and emaciated, but now after her Sunday Oscar appearance Jolie has FOX’s Bill O’Reilly wondering if the statement was true.

Of course, the article by the tabloid had to be taken with a grain of salt, about how they had an insider suggesting the actress was having a drug relapse and issues with anorexia. However, she has always looked a bit thin at times.

While most of the attention on the actress following her Oscar appearance was about her bare thigh stance on stage, O’Reilly pondered if there may actually be a problem that’s being ignored after seeing her appearance.

He said, “Is it just me, or is she looking mighty slim these days? Emaciated even?”

O’Reilly showed some footage of Jolie at the Oscars in her black dress, “I was kind of taken aback. Look at the arms on her! Once again, the media largely ignoring Ms. Jolie’s physical profile, but she is a role model for some women. Something’s going on here. I mean, she is slight. Let’s hope it’s nothing unusual.”

Ironically, Jolie is known to have a tattoo written in Latin that reads, “quod me nutrit me destruit” which translates to “what nourishes me destroys me.”

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