Jonathan Jaxson Alleges Fake Kim Kardashian

Jonathan Jaxson Kim Kardashian – Jonathan Jaxson alleges that the Kim Kardashian over-the-top wedding to Kris Humphries was all a fake and a sham for money. The 31-year-old reality star has hired lawyer Marty Singer to muzzle the publicist, her former publicist who has been making the media rounds claiming it was a publicity stunt.

“It was obvious that it was staged,” Jaxson recently said on “Good Day L.A.” “There were contracts already in place for E! to film it. Everything was written down.”

According to TMZ, Kardashian claims Jaxson’s defamatory statements have hurt her reputation, and she is seeking a minimum of $200,000 in damages.

Though Jaxson says he worked for Kardashian from 2007 to 2009, TMZ reports the two only worked together on one project – a blog – years ago, and that Jaxson is now in violation of a signed confidentiality agreement.

Jaxson, who is coincidentally promoting his upcoming book about his career, addressed the lawsuit on his personal blog Sunday.

“To the best of my knowledge, I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian. I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties signature on it,” wrote Jaxson, who added that many of his recent statements have been based on conversations with friends he and Kardashian share.

This is not the first time Jaxson has spoken out against the reality star.

In an interview on the “Elvis Duran Morning Show,” Jaxson said Kardashian had doubts about marrying Humphries before ever stepping foot down the aisle.

“She knew weeks before getting married she didn’t want to do it,” he said. “She’s never gotten over [ex Reggie Bush].”

Publicity stunts are nothing new for Kardashian, who has staged her fair share of made-for-TV moments, Jaxson claimed. In 2007, the star allegedly tipped off the paparazzi as she was walking out of a Beverly Hills jewelry store to make it look like Bush had proposed.

“She was going to go shopping with her grandmother and her mom and we said, ‘Let’s do something to get more press for you,'” Jaxson told Duran. “She said, ‘Perfect. Let me go to a ring store and walk out as if Reggie Bush were proposing to me.”

Kardashian took to her blog earlier this month to defend her short-lived marriage to Humphries.

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