Joseph Bodolai Tragic Suicide: Angry Note Left On Blog

Joseph Bodolai – Joseph Bodolai, SNL comedy script writer, commits suicide at the age of 63. Several NBC cast members are totally shocked by the news of his death. One cast member said that the former “Saturday Night Live” writer showed no signs of problems.

He was found was dead in a small Hollywood hotel on December 26 by a cleaning crew.

It appears that Bodolai consumed a mixture of Gatorade and anti-freeze, as they were both found near his body, although the autopsy is pending.

Once anti-freeze is ingested it causes 72 hours of symptoms prior to death. Joseph did not leave a suicide letter; however, he did leave an apparent note published on his blog, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe.”

In the post, Joseph detailed his 2012 predictions, his regrets, the things he is proud of, and what he hoped to have seen in his lifetime.

The “Wayne’s World” co-writer regrets not being able to defeat his is alcoholism, withstand the pain in his life, and hurting the people in his life. The things that he is proud of include his sons, ex-wife, and always being faithful to the woman in his life.

Bodolai is survived by his ex-wife Bianca Roberts and their two sons.

The Los Angeles Times cited a lengthy post published Friday on a WordPress blog that appears to be registered to Bodolai. It was titled “If This Were Your Last Day Alive, What Would You Do?” and included Bodolai’s accomplishments and regrets.

A message on his Twitter account said “Goodbye” and had a link to the blog.

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