Judas Actor Dies From Stage Hanging Scene

A Brazilian Judas actor died after performing a hanging scene in a play involves his character committing suicide. Tiago Klimeck, was playing Judas in “The Passion of Christ,” for a Good Friday play, when he re-enacted a scene where his character hangs himself. However, something went terribly wrong.

Worsening the situation, was the fact that no one knew there was a problem for four minutes, thinking the actor was just playing his part.

After being rushed to the hospital in Itarare, which is 200 miles away, Klimeck had slipped into a coma but 17 days later died when it was decided that his life support machine would be turned off.

Investigators were said to be examining the support mechanism that was to prevent Klimeck from actually hanging himself. It was believed that a safety vest Klimeck was wearing was also attached, and it may not have been on tight enough, which means it cut his airway and prevented him from breathing as it slid up on the actor’s neck.

There was no word if they had found an issue with the prop or if any charges in the incident would be filed.

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