Justin Bieber Car May Be Violation For Chrome Finish In California

Last month, Justin Bieber received a new car from his manager for his birthday on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which may become a moving violation if he tries to drive it around California. TMZ decided to look into how illegal the chrome finished Fisker Karma is in the state.

Even though the chrome paint on the body of the car may be very reflective in the sun and a distraction to other motorists, it is not a violation, according to an unidentified law enforcement official.

However, the law enforcement officer tells TMZ, that a set of purple FUCHSIA lights hidden under the cars front grill is a violation, as the only forward facing lights that are allowed are white headlights and amber turn signals.

Another violation Bieber may receive if an officer decides to pull him over, would be the tinted windows. By the looks of it, the officer tells TMZ, they seem a little to be dark for California code.

The officer said that the first-time Bieber would be pulled over for the violations, he would be given a ‘fix it citation’ which means he would have a certain amount of time to get the car out of violation then have an officer inspect it to see it was legal.

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