Justin Timberlake Admits Secret Famous Crush

Justin Timberlake Admits Famous Crush – Justin Timberlake has admitted that he has a crush on Pippa Middleton. The ex-‘N Sync star has recently reconciled with actress Jessica Biel after a brief split, but now admits that he finds The Duchess of Cornwall’s sister very attractive.

Talking to Esquire magazine, he stated, “Us American males are big fans of Pippa. We like the Middletons very much. I’m going to sound like a sleazeball. I’m going to stop right there.”

However, it is not only the singer who seems to have some love for The Duchess of Cornwall’s sister. Singer Cee Lo Green admitted recently, “I’ve got to go for Pippa, man. She’s gorgeous. I like her” And then there is N-Dubz rapper Dappy who said, “Have you seen the way she looks in that little tight dress going up that aisle? She is buff. She should be getting married to Will! She’s the one our eyes are on.”

In other news, Justin has suggested that he wants to take a break from the music industry and star in a musical. Talking to David Letterman, he said that he would only commit to a musical if it was the right project for him.

“That’s been discussed… I would love to do a musical one day. I think there might be a way to redefine what that is for this era… My problem with musicals today, and I think a lot of people in my generation probably feel this way too, is that we’re sitting here having a conversation and all of the sudden we’re singing. Time stops,” Timberlake said.

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