Justin Timberlake On Pics: “It’s Not Mine”

Justin Timberlake says the pic of a man’s genitals found on Mila Kunus’ hacked cell phone is not him. Both actors have released a statement about the stolen images. His “Friends With Benefits” costar Kunis is reportedly the victim of a phone hack, in which several pictures were distributed on the Internet.

Timberlake is allegedly in one of the four pics that were stolen. This comes at a time when personal photos of Scarlett Johansson surfaced as well, resulting in a viral sensation Wednesday over photos of her bare bottom and chest. They were all taken down by several websites after receiving cease-and-desist letters.

“At no time did Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Kunis exchange inappropriate texts or emails,” their reps said in a statement.

One pic is reportedly of a shirtless Timberlake, while another shows him with panties on his head. There’s a photo of Kunis in a tub and one displaying part of an unidentifiable male’s body.

“We would like to confirm that the photo addressed in the media of Ms. Kunis was, in fact, not from any phone but from an inactive email account that has not existed in three years. In regards to the other photos in question, they were never exchanged between the two parties,” the statement said.

The mystery still remains on why there were pics of Timberlake. Perhaps this is a publicity stunt. Either way, it surely put their names in the spotlight while their movie is in theaters.