Kardashian Begins Filming The Marriage Counselor

Kardashian Marriage Counselor – Kim Kardashian is on her way to visit The Marriage Counselor. Better late than never.

She may have filed for divorce from new husband Kris Humphries eight days ago, but Kardashian is honoring the commitment she made to Tyler Perry the week before that. On November 9 she starts filming her part in the filmmaker’s new movie, The Marriage Counselor, at his Atlanta studio.

Perhaps shrewdly on Perry’s part, Kardashian has been cast not as the titular protagonist but as her friend and coworker Ava.

When the married counselor, played by Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights), starts an affair with a client and complicates her life, Ava steps in to provide support and a much-needed makeover.

The role is Kardashian’s first bid for more serious attention as an actress, since her roles in Deep in the Valley (2008) and Disaster Movie (2008) were hardly noteworthy. Lionsgate will release the film.

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